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Canadian Customs Clearance

When it comes to navigating the process of Importing products into Canada the process can be complicated. As processes and Import requirements are constantly changing, we strive to keep ahead of the changes through communication, education and technology. Dynamic Customs Brokers Inc. is a full-service international trade broker, focused on getting your international goods to their destination as efficiently and effectively as possible

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At Dynamic Customs Brokers, customer service is not a department, but is instilled in everything we do. We love talking to our clients. We grow with our clients. We keep our clients informed on what matters. Our centralized Ecommerce production facility is located in the centre of Canada and offers one point of contact regardless of mode of transport or point of entry. With our team concept; Account Manager philosophy, your shipments will be handled by a team of individuals with first hand knowledge of the products and services your organization has to offer.


In today's constantly changing Customs environment, the focus on compliance is greater than ever, and the onus is on you the importer. To keep the integrity of their merchandise, Importers must start taking corrective measures to ensure the accuracy of all trade documentation, and the reliability of their reporting system and processes. Are you ready for a Customs audit? Do you utilize your internal reporting system to maintain and manage compliance ? If the answer is no to either question.  We can help . We have experienced experts that create a custom solution specifically tailored to your organizational needs.


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